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Are mineral cosmetics really good? Mineral Stick Foundation form NYX

Mineral Stick Foundation form NYXDo you know the difference between mineral and traditional cosmetics? Or which of these are better and why? If not, read the article and learn about one of the mineral cosmetics –  NYX Mineral Stick Foundation.

First of all, Mineral Stick Foundation from NYX is, as the name speaks for itself, in a form of a stick. Suffice, to twist the lower part of the package to make the cosmetic ready to work. Secondly, Mineral Stick from NYX provides us with extremely good imperfections coverage and matte finishing of the make up. It is easy to apply, lasts long and evens out skin tone. What is more, due to combining a light shade with a darker one, we are able to shape our facial features. Talking about the shades, Minerat Stick Foundation is available in six colours: Fair, Porcelain, Light, Light Medium, Medium Beige and Golden Beige.

Obviously, Mineral Stick Foundation belongs to the category of mineral cosmetics. What does it mean? As it is not hard to guess, mineral cosmetics contain minerals as their ingredients. These can be, for instance, mica, silica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and many more. Certainly, it goes without saying, that only natural or mineral ingredients are the best for our skin. Why? Because, these cannot cause any allergic reactions while applied on our skin. In fact, these work the other way round since mineral cosmetics take care about our beauty and health. What is more, mineral cosmetics include sunscreens, have anti-inflammatory properties, relieve irritations and help dealing with acne. Generally, mineral cosmetics are free from any artificial substances, chemical additives, parabens, perfumed substances or colourants.

As mentioned before, Mineral Stick Foundation form NYX is one of many mineral cosmetics. Nowadays, the cosmetic market is full of these kinds of natural beatifying products starting from eye-shadows and finishing on powders, lipsticks and blushers. Some of these are of powder-like consistency (because mineral cosmetics are mainly associated with this formula) and other are in a form of a stick or just pressed. So, think for a while, which of the mineral cosmetics are the most appropriate for your face skin?

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