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Because two powders are better than one! Set of bronze powders Terracotta Joli Tient from Guerlain

bronze powders Terracotta Joli Teint from GuerlainTerracotta Joli Tient from Guerlain is one of the few bronzing powders employed with two colours, matching with the consumers skin tone. These colours, blended together, provide natural, pretty and healthy face appearance. The basic shade evens skin tone, whereas, the second one gives radiant and warm colour to face. Moreover, the powder is of light consistency, thanks to which, it is easy to apply and provides face skin with satiny make up finishing. Contained crimson beebalm, gardenia, vanilla and mandarin exacts nourish and regenerate face skin.

Bronze powder Terracotta Joli Tient from Guerlain is available in four shades. These are: Light Blondes (with light pink colour), Clair Brunettes (with beige colour), Natural Blondes (enriched with peach colour) and Natural Brunettes (with orange colour.) The cosmetics are produced in a little, compact box which is equipped with a little mirror. Unfortunately, the producer has not attached to the package any applicator. Furthermore, the bronze powder is packed into a cardboard box decorated with Guerlian inscription and golden embellishments. On the very surface of the cosmetic we can find the initials of Guerlian brand.

To make the application easier it is advisable to use a wide and flat make up brush. Thanks to this kind of applicator, we are able to collect the small amount of the powder while making the round movement on the cosmetic surface. In this manner, we gather the basic colour and the one the aim of which is to highlight and give the gleam to complexion. Certainly, Basically, Terracotta Joli Tient should be applied with the 3 method make up. Firstly, the application starts from temples, then we brush our face heading the applicator towards hair and eyes direction. Next, we move brush to cheekbones and jowl.

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