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Blushwear Cream Stick from Clinique

Blushwear Cream Stick from CliniqueAlike fashion, the most important feature of make-up are the accessories that make the styling complete. Make-up itself cannot be perfect without a blush, that definitely works as the above-mentioned accessory. It forms a beautifying element that emphasizes ones prettiness. For that reason, this kind of a cosmetic should fit any make-up bag. Will Clinique, Blushwear Cream Stick perform well as a beautifying cosmetic?

Blushwear Cream Stick from Clinique is closed in a silver stick and its capacity equals 6 grams. In order to get the cosmetic out of the package, one has to swivel the lower part of it. Then, one will see a cream-like, slightly sparkling tip of the blusher. The truth is, the cosmetic resembles a lipstick and basically it has to be used alike the cosmetic for lips colouring. The only difference is the tip of the stick. To demonstrate, a tip of the blusher is flat, whereas, the tip of a lipstick is cut at an angle. Furthermore, the package of Blushwear Cream Stick is decorated with the brand inscription – Clinique. Basically, the bluser can be bought at four different shades. The most popular though are: 02 Peachy Blush, 03 Rosy Blush and 05 Shy Blush. Additionally, the cosmetics are well-pigmented, do not contain gleaming particles, the colours are dark and restrained. For that reason, Blushwear Cream Stick from Clinique will match women of dark complexion.

When it comes to the consistency of the cosmetic, it is rather creamy or as one can state even velvet one. The truth is, the product is easy to apply and blends with a make-up foundation flawlessly. Another advantage of Blushwear Cream Stick is its durability since the cosmetic holds long on a face, neither smudges nor runs down the face even at high temperatures. Again, the application does not cause any problems mainly because of the form of the cosmetic. Due to it, one does not have to use make-up brushes or sponges in order to put the cosmetic on the face.

One thing to remember, while applying the product, one has to be cautious enough not to press the stick to fircely towards the cheek. Suffice to dab the cosmetic over the cheeks and if one feels like to, than smudge the cosmetic with the fingertips. Good news, Blushwear Cream Stick can be also used as an eye-shadow. But this time, one has to reach for a small eye-shadow brush since the size of the blusher may hinder the application. Similarly, on can put the blusher onto the lips.

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