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Calvin Klein Downtown: body lotion, shower gel, and Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein DowntownDefinitely, Calvin Klein is not only a world-famous fashion designer. He also devotes his time to create other exclusive products than just outfits and underwear. Therefore, despite clothes, we can also find cosmetics singed and sealed by Calvin Klein’s brand. Fairly recently a new collection of such products has been launched. Its is called Downtown and the products included into the collection are body lotion, shower gel, and Eau de Parfum.

The body lotion from Downtown collection is locked in a white tube. The product from Calvin Klein is available in a big 200 ml package. The cosmetic has a white colour and sheer consistency. Thanks to that, it is easy to apply on body skin and is fast to get absorbed deep into skin. What is more, the body lotion neither leaves smudges nor sticky layer on body surface. It is suggested using the product from Calvin Klein every single time after taking bath or shower. Only in this way, skin becomes smooth, moisturized, and smells good. All discomforts like sensation of contracted skin or dehydrated skin are relieved the moment the product is put one the body. In general, skin stays moisturized for long.

Shower gel by Calvin Klein from Downtown collection is closed in a white tube containing 200 ml of the product. It is recommended for normal skin. Because the producer included fragrances into the composition, the product may irritate or cause allergic reactions to some people. With this in mind, the cosmetic is not recommended for people who have super sensitive skin as well as for allergic sufferers. The prime aim of the shower gel is to cleanse and moisturize body skin. The cosmetic from Calvin Klein is transparent and has semi-liquid consistency. It foams well when combined with warm water and cleanses skin perfectly.

The third cosmetic from Downtown collection is Eau de Parfum. It is available in two capacity versions – 30 ml and 50 ml. The product can be easily recognized by its pink cardboard box. What is more, the fragrance is characterized by fresh and flower scent. The top notes of Calvin Klein’s Eau de Parfum are bergamot, pear, and Tunisian neroli. Middle notes belong to gardenia, violet leaf, and pink pepper. Texas cedar, incense, vetiver, and musk are the base notes.

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