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Fly to Tahiti with dr Irena Eris. New cosmetics for home SPA

SPA Resort TahitiColourful, scented, and luxurious. These are the adjectives that describe cosmetics from dr Irena Eris Tahiti. They are perfect for turning your place into home SPA.

New series of cosmetics from dr Irena Eris, SPA Resort Tahiti, is a set of three colorful products destined for skin care. They are recommended for people at any age and all skin types. The cosmetics are closed in jars and a tube decorated with a multicoulored labels. The capacity of each product equals 200 ml.

Cosmetics SPA Resort Thaiti from dr Irena Eris

Body balm from Tahiti series provides moisturization, smoothing and highlighting of body skin. It contains hyaluronic acid (an ingredient of highly moisturizing features), orchid extract, oiling and nourishing Shea butter, E vitamin, which gifts skin with smoothness and softness, as well as highlighting pearl particles (these are responsible for additional highlighting of skin). When it comes to application, the body balm has to be put on body skin and massaged into it. The product has to be reapplied morning and/or evening.

The second component, self-tanning balm from dr Irena Eris gifts skin with healthy and nice-looking suntan. The cosmetic, alike the above-mentioned body balm, contains orchid extract and sparkling pearl particles. The self-tanning balm has to be applied evenly on a body. Obviously, when the application is over, hands must be washed precisely. Before putting on the product, and for obtaining much better result, it is suggested applying a body scrub first. The self-tanning balm leaves skin sun-kissed.

The third cosmetic, cleansing body scrub smooths skin, removes dead epidermis cells, and provides feeling of relaxation. It contains highlighting particles, orchid extract, pearls and betain. The last ingredient is responsible for making body skin firm and moisturized.

All cosmetics from SPA Resort Tahity from dr Irena Eris are ideal for summer time. Sun rays combined with the highlighting particles included into the products add gleam to your skin.

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