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Fusion Soft Lights powders from Smashbox

Fusion Soft Lights powders from SmashboxFusion Soft Lights from Smashbox is a set of nine shades matching all types of skin. These are packed into round, little boxes with transparent lids. You can choose from two following sets: Baked Starburst with sparkling shades of pink and brown and Baked Starblush that consists of matte shades of pink and bronze variations. Several shades pecked into one box seems to be a good solution since we save not only some time that is devoted to searching for the shade matching our skin tone and current mood but also space of our makeup bag or bathroom shelves already that are occupied with colour and care cosmetics.

Brightening powders Fusion Soft Lights from Smashbox help finishing make-up and may be also used instead of blushers or bronzers. These provide nice, ruddy or slightly tanned look, depending the shade you pick. Shmashbox cosmetics are also able to mark cheek bones, and as a consequence, these are good at face shaping and contouring. Fairly surprisingly, Fusion Soft Lights powders can be used also as eye shadows. Obviously, you can either apply one shade on the eyelid or try to obtain smoky eye effect by applying a few shades at once. Similarly, while covering cheeks, you can either gather on a makeup brush only one shade, or swirl it on all shades together with a fast motion and then, dab your cheeks.

As mentioned before, cosmetics form Smashbox, Fusion Soft Lights, are able to brighten face skin up and can be used for face contouring. Moreover, these can be used as eye shadows to obtain the effect of bigger eyes. Basically, these products are good at lifting up dropping eyelids. If you decide to apply Fusion Soft Lights on the cheeks, reach for a wide and soft make-up brush. On the other hand, if you would like to decorate your eyes with this product, take a small make-up brush, also known as a fluff brush. You can as well, smudge the cosmetic with a fingertip.

While applying Fusion Soft Lights, the brand advisers suggest to use other Smashbox’s cosmetics as well. According to them, combination of their products facilitates performing professional and flawless face makeup. In their opinion, you will accomplish this task by using, for example, Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Eye Shadow Trio Focal Point.

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