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Is Nanobrow Serum the Best Product for Stimulating Eyebrow Growth?

Eyebrows make the key element of a woman’s face. They protect the eyes, let us express emotions and give eye definition. Too bad, not each of us can boast about eyebrows having all of these features and fulfilling each of these roles. Sparse, thinning, barely-there brows have little to do with beautiful looks. Luckily, they can be fixed. Nanobrow serum will help you.

What is the essential info on eyebrows?

Human eyebrows have lots of functions to fulfil. We are rarely aware of them, though. These include: protection of the eyes against sweat and rain, expressing emotions, recognizing faces and perceiving people in a certain way.

Like all types of human hair, eyebrows also go through a growth cycle. It takes approx. four weeks: it starts when hair grows out and finishes when it falls out. During this period, there are even 250 brows on each brow ridge. However, if you never have them plucked, there might be even over 1000 of them.

Who is Nanobrow made for?

It gives best results for people who:

  • want to accelerate growth
  • have thinning, barely-there brows
  • want to darken their too fair brows
  • have overplucked their brows
  • have very dry skin and brows
  • want to give up on daily eyebrow makeup
  • have damaged eyebrows

Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum is a product for mammoth tasks. When you have a family celebration and other important events ahead of you and wish to look amazing, Nanobrow won’t let you down. The product makes brows longer, thicker and healthier really fast.

That’s the way Nanobrow Serum works:

  • it stimulates growth
  • it thickens and boosts volume
  • it intensifies eyebrow color
  • it delivers many nutrients
  • it strengthens weak eyebrows
  • it fills in gaps
  • it prevents eyebrow loss
  • it moisturizes both brows and skin
  • it helps regrow eyebrows
  • it protects against damaging outside elements
  • it delays premature aging process

We must point out that Nanobrow serum doesn’t only affect eyebrow hairs: it also works on hair follicles that brows grow out of, and the skin on the eyebrow ridge. This way, this part of your face gets comprehensive care which translates to healthier, prettier and fuller eyebrows as well as faster growth.

What ingredients have been infused into Nanobrow bottle?

The product is made of:

  • ginseng extract: it repairs and revitalizes weak, damaged eyebrows, neutralizes activity of free radicals which are responsible for faster body aging. Additionally, it strengthens hair follicles, stimulates them to more effective work and rebuilds eyebrows.
  • soybean sprout extract: it strengthens, prevents falling out, revitalizes. It also speeds up growth.
  • wheat germ extract: it regenerates eyebrows and enhances their appearance, makes them softer, smoother and shinier. It performs an important function fighting free radicals and thus protecting eyebrows from aging and thinning.
  • Baikal skullcap extract: it repairs and strengthens hair follicles, keeps brows from aging and falling out. Natural sunscreen protecting against the loss of moisture.
  • panthenol and arginine: they moisturize skin and brows, lock in sufficient water.
  • lactic acid has a moisturizing effect, helps deliver essential ingredients to skin and eyebrows.

How to use Nanobrow Serum?

Application is extremely easy and takes literally two seconds. Ideally, use it once a day, before bedtime, after thorough makeup removal. There’s an applicator matching the shape of eyebrows and letting us easily apply the serum. Nanobrow is quickly absorbed, not leaving white residue or sticking hairs together.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum: size & price

One bottle holds 5 ml which is hands down enough to carry out full eyebrow growth treatment. Besides, this small size makes it comfortable to travel with and you’re always sure you can apply it regularly. When it comes to price, it reflects the best features of Nanobrow and its effectiveness.

23 Comments “Is Nanobrow Serum the Best Product for Stimulating Eyebrow Growth?”

  1. maya

    Is 5ml a lot?

  2. Fringilla

    I dream of super thick Dua Lipa’s style eyebrows and judging by the Nanobrow opinions I think it may be able to help me so I got 2 and I start to grow back my brows. I’ll write about effects later.

  3. #ivo#

    it’ll be great for sure, my eyebrows grew back super fast, in 2-3 weeks I could see brows were fuller and stronger. I recommend Nanobrow so so much, to me there’s no serum better from eyebrows.

  4. Ella M.

    I should definetely try Nanobrow. I read and read about it and it’s a perfect serum form me. Maybe I’ll try. 😛

  5. kaya m.

    Wow, marvellous ingredients! <3

  6. Jessie Jay

    Cool, because there is more product than usual and the ingredients are awesome. 🙂

  7. Sylviene

    Where can I find full composition> There’s no inci. 🙁

    • artefact

      go to their website, there’s full composition, prices and you can order it if you’re interested

  8. Diana

    How much is Nanobrow? I checked prices of other serums and their price is three time high-end mascara price, it’s absurd.

    • PHOEBE

      Nanobrow’s price is in my opinion fair and it doesn’t cost as much as e.g. Revitabrow because it’s price is extreme. Nanobrow’s effects are perfect, I’m surprised my eyebrows grew this much and look so beautiful, have great color, aren’t dry… awesome!

      • Justine

        I was curious and checked and RevitaBrow… has only 3ml and costs a lot… nightmare! Here’s 5 ml of perfect eyebrow serum. I think the choice between RevitaBrow and Nanobrow is simple.

  9. Tammy36

    Recommend. Great effects, super efficient.

  10. worrior-princess

    sounds great but I don’t know what’s the point of spending so much money since castor oil does the same

    • Renne xx

      I don’t know aht would have to this cator oil contain to work as fast and effectively as nanobrow…

  11. illusion

    MY FAVE! :*

  12. tutti

    The best!! Nanobrow is great for eyebrows growth!

  13. Bea_1995

    I use it for a week… when will effects be visible, is it true that Nanobrow works in two weeks?

    • Kate

      Works in two or three, sometimes four or five, ot all depends on how badly your eyebrows need regeneration, brows bulbs to be precise. Basically I advise to be patient. Mine grew back in 4th week.

  14. Pauline1987

    My serum haha 😀 I bought it some time ago discounted, started using without any expectations and I was surprised a loooooot because this thick my eyebrows has never been. Recommend!!

  15. mfjksbia

    who used it post permanent? can I/worth it?

    • Maya

      hey, I used after permanent make-up to regenerate brows and help them become fuller. works great because eyebrows are denser in natural way so you do not even see when pigment is washed out 😉

  16. inlove

    I’m IN LOVE WITH NANOBOW. <3 The best serum in th world!

  17. Dorry

    I have absolutely no idea why I ever believed that castor oil works for eyebrow growth. Nothing compares to good serum and Nanobrow is simply the best.


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