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Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara by Helena Rubinstein

Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara by Helena RubinsteinEach mascara’s asset is its brush. It is the applicator that produces the effect of thickening, curling or lengthening. Helena Rubinstein decided to create a brush inspired by the ideal of a female body.

What was the result?
As it is widely known, the perfect proportions of women’s body are 90/60/90. Helena Rubinstein implied this kind of symmetry into her new mascara Lash Queen Sexy Blacks. As a consequence, she designed a brush that was the first in its kind – its characteristic feature is the indent in the middle of the applicator (therefore it resembles woman’s body). Does this kind of a solution really pass the exam in practice? As assumed, the flat part of a brush is for coating eyelashes with the black mascara whereas the wavy side of the applicator distributes the cosmetic evenly on eyelashes. As a result, a person gains curl effect. The rounded tip is for extending even the shortest eyelashes located in the corners of the eyes. The shorter bristle, that is arranged in the middle of the applicator, might never touch the eyelashes at all. Therefore, most women prefer classic mascaras, having applicators made of even bristle.

The fact whether your eyelashes will look good when coated with mascara depends on the manner you wield the applicator. If you want your eyelashes to be coated evenly with the mascara and have the same intensive colour all over their length, apply the easy trick used by make-up artists. Simply, move the brush following zig-zag motion. In a case, you would like to remove the clumps from the eyelashes, try to eliminate the excess of the mascara from the brush first by sliding the applicator across the mouth of the mascara’s bottle neck. It is also a good idea to separate eyelashes with a special eyelash comb. When it comes to the lower eyelashes, you can coat them using only the tip of a brush by moving it several times from the left side to the right and the other way round.

Is there anything more exceptional about Helena Rubinstein’s mascara? Definitely, the package. The bottle has golden colour that reflects light due to metallic particles. What is more, the package is decorated with black lace. The same kind of fabric is attached to the handle of the applicator. Certainly, some women find this idea practical, while others might get irritated by the cloth impeding application of this colour cosmetic.

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