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Methods for long and thick eyelashes, eyelash conditioner test and Nanolash

nanolash - Eyelash ConditionerWe can lengthen and thicken our eyelashes in many ways. Quite popular are those cosmetic therapies such as volume eyelash extension or 1:1 Method, which are widely performed at all beauty salons. However, eyelash conditioners treatments are more favoured method of the eye beautifying techniques. Let us analyze the ways of eyelash lengthening performed at a beauty salon and how those methods differ from the effects provided by the eyelash conditioners.

Eyelash lengthening and thickening methods

Eyelash lengthening and thickening beauty treatments are available at every single beauty salon. Generally, these are popular because of their satisfactory and prompt effects (if the clients are not discouraged by the cost and the time-consuming nature of the beauty treatments.)

The most common performed eyelash lengthening cosmetic treatment is, so called, 1:1 Method. A beautician attaches to the natural eyelash one false eyelash made from synthetic material, silk or Siberian mink’s fur. She needs to use a special adhesive, which turns black when applied on an eyelid and melts with the eyelash colour. Nonetheless, it is impossible for weakened and damaged eyelashes to hold the attached lashes for a long time. They can simply fall out or fracture. So what are the other ways of lengthening eyelashes? Beauty salons have got a wide range of this kind of treatments in their offer, for example, Extreme method, HD, Smart, Blink & Go, butterfly effect method or the lower eyelash extension.

Obviously, eyelashes can be not only lengthened but also thickened. Trendy methods of this treatments are so-called eyelash volume extension methods. These comprises of – 2:1, 3:1, Extreme, Russian Style, Ultra Light Effect, Million Lashes Effect and Hollywood Effect. At beauty salons are also available eyelash volumizing methods from 2D to 8D.

Do the different types of eyelashes exist?

Eyelash lengthening and thickening treatments are the common ways of beautifying eyes methods. Obviously, plenty of other ways of decorating eyes also exist. For that reason, false eyelashes are available in different shapes, colours, sizes, textures and angles of curving. At a beautician’s or in the beauty stores you can find yellow, red, green, blue, purple, pink, bicoloured (ombre) and decorated with multicoloured spots false eyelashes. There are also eyelashes resembling bird’s feathers. These imitate feathers of, for example, parrots and are long enough to reach the cheeks. What is more, these false eyelashes have got futuristic shapes, as well as, colours and are decorated with glitter and small crystals. Certainly, these types of false eyelashes are used to artistic make-up which is applied for the sake of fashion shows or photo sessions.

Despite colourful eyelashes on the market there are also available corrective eyelash extensions. These are used for eyes makeover and have nothing in common with an ophthalmic office. The corrective eyelash extensions’ aim is to either emphasize an eye’s shape, open if eyes are hidden behind a fallen eyelid or to add a kind of a party character to them. We can distinguish three methods of eye correction with the help of eyelashes. Firstly, fairly typical method which bases on attaching the shorter eyelashes in the inner corner of the eyelid and in the outer corner the longer eyelashes. It is also practiced to attach several party lashes or the strip eyelashes. Secondly, doe-eyed eyelash method. This method is similar to the first one, although, the longest eyelashes are attached in the middle of the eyelid line. Thirdly, the method of attaching short eyelashes on the entire eyelash line (similar to 1:1 Method).

With what do the eyelash conditioner help?

NanolashThere are numerous ways of lengthening, thickening, decorating and correcting of eyelashes, therefore, it is hard to pick the best out of them. Is there any easier method to take care of our eyelashes? On of them is the use of an eyelash conditioner. The truth is, that the effects are not as immediate as after several-hour beauty treatment at the beautician’s. However, the eyelash conditioner treatment brings only natural outcomes. We do not have to follow all the contraindication, which need to be followed after, for instance, 1:1 Method or others (no mascara use, no swimming pool attendance etc.) If we are patient enough, the first outcomes will be easily noticeable after two weeks since the first application of the eyelash conditioner.
What other benefits are gained thanks to the usage of eyelash conditioners? First of all, it saves your time and money. Single application of the conditioner, which should be performed every day, takes less than a minute. What is more, the cost of one bottle of the eyelash conditioner equals the half of the price of a single eyelash lengthening treatment at beautician’s.

How does Nanolash eyelash conditioner work?

Thanks to the natural composition Nanolash lengthens, thickness and strengthens eyelashes. Moreover, the first effects are noticeable after two or three weeks since the first application, whereas, the final results are visible after two or three months.

Nanolash is to be applied on cleansed and dry eyelid skin. A thin line should be painted with the brush right on the eyelash line. The eyelash conditioner does irritate neither skin nor eyeballs because of the natural composition.

And this is how you can achieve more spectacular eyelashes at your home than can be ever achieved in any beauty salons.

18 Comments “Methods for long and thick eyelashes, eyelash conditioner test and Nanolash”

  1. Alex99

    I prefer serums, maybe lashes don’t get so long but at least they are healthy and strong

  2. Monique

    I have been using serums with breaks for several years and certainly will not give up this kind of care.

  3. Marlee

    I had pretty much the same situation and during the few years I have been using various serums and only recently came across Nanolash. I must say I was pretty impressed with the effects. I cannot recall whether any of the serums has worked that fast because I could actually see the results after the third day already! I will continue using it untill I finish up the packaging and will see what the effects will turn out like etc. I am happy with, I’ll definitely but another one.

  4. Yolanda

    I dont like the way attached false lashes look like, I would have never get them myself. I’d rather have shorter lashes but my own, natural ones.

    • Catherine

      it doesn’t look nice and it’s not even long-lasting and to be honest I cannot understand why anyone would spend money on it

  5. Agnesss

    I had eyelash extensions and cannot take them of because I got addicited to long lashes but unfortunately, during my last visit at the salon for a touch-up, the lash extension stylist told me that soon, I should take a break from it to let my natural lashes regenerate and she recommended me this serum because it’s supposed to bring effects quickly

  6. Ingrid

    I know a few girls who used this serum as a remedy after an unfortunate eyelsh extensions

  7. Nicole

    I can caonfirm that it worked for me, I mean, after taking off my volume lash extensions, I was left with short and brittle lashes, they were literally wrecked and I decided that I will not apply eyelash extensions until they are completely regenerated and go back to the previous state. I used the serum regularly every evening and after two weeks I could see that they were stronger, not as dry and stopped falling out. With time it only got better. I can definitely say that they have grown thicker, there are more of them and they are really long! ? For now, I will definitely not apply lash extensions, possibly cluster or individual eyelashes for some important occasions 🙂 I highly recommend the serum

  8. Hayley

    I never noticed tremendous effects after using any eyelash serum, nothing brings effects as eyelash extensions, none of the serums give you thick and long lashes

  9. Veronica

    I was just thinking of getting eyelash extensions and the more I read the more second thoughts I have , I had a serum once, it looked like the mascara wand and did not work at all

    • Summertime

      Before you decide to get eyelash extensions you should try out this serum, it worked wonders for me

  10. Lucy 1989

    My friend used it for her eyelashes and eyebrows and was very satissfied with the results Her lashes grew longer but it’s too exensive for me

    • TheWitch

      Unfortunately, for a lower price, you should not expect such quality and performance.

  11. Evelyn

    Castor oil is enough for me I’ve been using it for a long time and it works pretty well

  12. Joana

    I tried applying the oil but I got allergic and I couldn’t even see whether it would help

  13. mystic_girl

    I am really happy with revitalash but I red so much about this serum that it’s also amazing so I think I’ll order it soon

    • Dorothy J

      For me, revitalash is overrated. My lashes grew -ok, but slightly. After I stopped using the serum they started falling out and went back to their previous stated in no time. I only lost time and money.

      • Grace

        In my case, nanolash worked best, before, I was using revitalash and l4l. I am currently using the second nanolash and I apply it only three times per week just to maintain the effect


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