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Moisturizing cream with self-tanning effect Mine d’Or from Sampar

Mine d’Or from SamparNo surprisingly, each of us would like to keep their tanned skin for as long as it is possible. Unfortunately, the condition of skin is always deteriorated after being exposed to the sun. If not protected, the skin becomes covered with discolourations, dry skin cells and small wrinkles. Luckily enough, we can get chocolate-like skin and, at the same, well taken care of and moisturized. How to accomplish this task? Simply, you can apply a moisturizing cream with self-tanning effect Mine d’Or from Sampar cosmetic brand.

This moisturizing cream with self-tanning effect Mine d’Or from Sampar is sold in a pink, slim tube made of plastic. The package contains 30 ml of the product. It is a pity, the producer did not launched more shades of the cosmetic but only one. In fact, the shade of the product will stand out on both dark and pale complexions. However, the good side, Mine d’Or stands on it cap, which is why, all cosmetic residues run down the tube. Due to this solution, all consumers will find no difficulties in distributing Mine d’Or.

This product has two basic features. Firstly, it is able to bring out the colour of tanned skin and secondly, moisturizes the outer layers of skin. What is more, Mine d’Or gifts face skin with nourishment, highlighting and gradual skin colour darkening. The truth is, you can observe your skin getting darker almost overnight, without the need of using either a self-tanning cream or a bronzer. Additionally, Mine d’Or cream from Sampar protects skin from solar radiation, photo-aging, pigmentation marks and drying-out.

How to apply the cosmetic? First and foremost, you have to cleanse your face, cleavage and neck. In order to do it, you can, for example, perform skin exfoliation treatment and then apply a moisturizing cream. Moreover, the product from Sampar works perfectly as a make-up base or a highlighter. Important to realize, the level of tan varies accordingly to skin photo-type and the way your skin get tanned when exposed to the sun.

Wort mentioning, Mine d’Or from Sampar contains special substances of highlighting and moisturizing properties. These are: golden particles, water binding substances, peptides and sun protection factor.

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