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Most-recommended mascara. What should you know about Lashcode?

Lashcode - most popular mascaraWhich mascara is the best? The best and most frequently recommended mascara is Lashcode. It gives the eyelashes more volume, makes them longer and thicker and also perfectly separates the hairs thanks to the silicone brush and the formula, which is rich in natural waxes, pigments and minerals.

Learn more about the mascara that has revolutionized everyday make-up. Check how easy eyelash make-up can be and finally become your own make-up artist.

Lashcode – about the product

The highly pigmented, light and durable formula is offered in a 10ml elegant tube. This is the only mascara that along with beautifying, also takes care of your eyelashes. It works well even for people who require much more from mascara and expect maximum effects. Lashcode is equipped with a silicone, flexible brush that facilitates the application. The effect of lengthened, thickened, curled and separated lashes lasts up to 24 hours. It does not flake off nor smudge. What’s more, it can be easily removed with the use of a mild cleansing milk.


Get to know the best mascara!

Lashcode has a lengthening and thickening formula. This is one product with many properties, thanks to which even thin eyelashes can be as beautiful as never before.


  • thickens the eyelashes from the root,
  • makes the hairs twice as long,
  • gives ultra-black colour,
  • makes the eyelashes elastic and curled,
  • emphasizes the eye colour,nurtures and regenerates the hairs.

The formula is light so that it does not overload the lashes like some other mascaras. Lashcode has a velvety formula that coats the hair with a thin layer that makes them longer, darker and more expressive.

A huge advantage of this mascara is its composition. It contains beeswax and plant waxes as well as mineral pigment. Those are ingredients with dual action – beautifying and caring at the same time.

What else makes Lashcode the number one among mascaras? The addition of conditioning substances, including soy germ and whear germ extracts, skullcap root extract, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and arginine. These are ingredients that strengthen the eyelashes when we have the make-up on.

Lashcode is equipped with a silicone brush with bristles of different lengths that perfectly comb the hairs. The applicator is flexible and narrowed at the tips, it is easy to reach short lashes on the corners of the eyes with it.

What’s important, Lashcode does not stick the lashes together, does not smudge nor flake off. Neither does it collect at the corners of the eyes nor make clumps.

Also, Lashcode, despite the unusual (non-waterproof) formula, is extremely durable. The flawless effects last up to 24 hours without any touch-ups.

When it comes to make-up removal, Lashcode does not require the use of strong make-up removals.

This is a product that stays fresh for a long time. The shelf-life of most of mascaras is three months, here is twice as much – half a year.

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