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Say NO to blackheads! How to banish them effectively?

Smooth, flawless skin without a single blemish – some people don’t believe it exists. Usually blackheads stand in the way of perfection. Thankfully, this imperfection is just an obstacle that you can easily get rid of. Just see the best ways to banish blackheads to feel happy with your skin again!

Black spots usually affect the nose, getting on both women and men’s nerves. It’s hard to remove them once they appear. You clear the skin but it is covered with the irritating blackheads after a few days.

Still, the problem with blackheads is fixable. Everything is possible but sometimes we must put in some more effort, change daily habits and regularly clear the skin at home.

What causes blackheads to appear?

Before we start the fight, let’s get to know the enemy better. It’s the first step towards success. First of all, we must know why the blemishes appear. There are various causes of blackheads, including:

  • not thorough face cleansing.
  • leaving make-up on for the night.
  • hormonal imbalance.
  • chronic stress, diseases.
  • comedogenic products.
  • skin care not suited to the skin’s needs.

How to get rid of blackheads?

The easiest way involves eliminating the causes so if improper products give you blackheads, you should change your skin care and seek products that are natural and don’t clog the pores. If you also put your mind to cleansing routine, you will surely make your skin blemish-free!

You have two options to choose from: homemade remedies for blackheads (easier on the pocket yet time-consuming) or in-salon clearing facials (pricy, temporary effect).

Home remedies for blackheads

● Steam facial and manual extraction

Facial extraction is surely the easiest way to get rid of blackheads yet not the best one. You don’t need any extra products or accessories. Firstly, you do the so-called face steaming to open the pores by leaning above a bowl filled with hot water. Then, you extract the blackheads. Just note that this form of cleansing may end up with skin irritation and gives only a temporary effect.

● Anti-blackhead strips and masks

If you want a more professional treatment that prevents transferring bacteria onto the skin, anti-blackhead masks and strips are good remedies. Such products are available at any beauty store. You can try making the strips at home using a tissue and egg white. The procedure is the same: do the face steam and apply your strip or peel-off mask which clears the pores when you take it off. This remedy also gives just a temporary effect so you must use it on a regular basis.

● Blackhead vacuum remover

You can also use a bit controversial tool known as a blackhead vacuum remover. This small gadget uses negative pressure to clear the skin pores. This method is effective but it’s not recommended by professionals. The blackhead vacuum remover is out of the question if your skin is couperose because it may give you bruises, irritations and broken capillaries.

Anti-blackhead skin care routine: instead of eliminating blackheads, prevent them!

Taking preventive measures – preventing blackheads from occurring – is a way better solution but it requires more time and effort on our part. We must care for the skin on a daily basis but the effects are surely worthwhile – the skin is clear so blackheads stop appearing. The multi-stage anti-blackhead routine involves:

  • cleansing the face with an antibacterial cleanser every day.
  • exfoliating the epidermis using physical exfoliants or fruit acid-based products.
  • using masks that remove the excess of oil and have a clearing effect.
  • using face-care oils (e.g. jojoba oil) to balance the production of sebum.

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