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Skin Calligraphy cosmetics from Dermika against wrinkles

Skin Calligraphy cosmetics from Dermika against wrinklesDo you still remember, how did you react when you saw your first wrinkles? With the panic, stress or maybe you were repeating yourself: ‘take it easy girl, keep calm.’? If you still do not know how this situation could be handled, try out Dermika cosmetics from the Skin Calligraphy series.

How do cosmetics of Skin Calligraphy series perform? Firstly, these delay, if it is possible at all, the signs of aging and smooth small wrinkles. Secondly, the cosmetics enhance skin structure, prevent from flabbying and firm loss of face skin. Thirdly, these have the ability to highlight discolouration and acne scars, as well as, solar stains. Fourthly, Dermika cosmetics from the Skin Calligraphy series moisturize face skin, prevent complexion from damages and enhance epidermis regeneration.

Which cosmetics are the constituents of Skin Calligraphy set? Basically, there are five of them: a day cream – reducing agent, an intensively rebuilding night cream, a firming under eyes cream, a ‘Concentration of beauty’ serum, and a regenerating oil for face, neck and cleavage. The firstly-enumerated cosmetic comprises of SPF 15 sunscreen. Despite the protection from UV radiation, the day cream enhances elasticity and tension of skin, moisturizes and reduces visibility of gravity, mimic and atrophic wrinkles. When it comes to the night cream, this product increases the collagen production, reduces wrinkles, smoothens and moisturizes face. The under eyes cream, in turn, takes care, highlights and counteracts against crow’s feet. The serum shallows wrinkles and strengthens collagen fibers of skin face. The last one, oil firms cleavage, neck and face skin. All the products have got smooth formula and, as a consequence, are absorbed quickly and, what is quite important, do not leave oily layer on skin surface.

Cosmetics from the Skin Calligraphy series are rich in rebuilding substances, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, as well as, in butterfly-bush extract. The last component, also known as summer lilac or buddleja davidii, improves rebuilding of stem cells, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidan effect. It is also worth mentioning that, this extract eases irritations as well. It therefore comes as no surprise that cosmetics of the Skin Celligraphy series are decorated with an outline of a butterfly.

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