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Smooth hand skin? Now it is possible! Le Petit Marseillais hand cream

Le Petit Marseillais hand creamBoth low temperature and freezing wind make skin of our hands dehydrated. And after all, hands are the pride of women’s. Certainly, their condition can indicate whether a woman takes care of herself in an appropriate way or not. Therefore, it is worth realizing what should be done in order to make hands smooth and hydrated again. You can give a try to a moisturizing hand cream Le Petit Marseillais.

Why does hand skin get dehydrated?
The truth is, hand skin is highly sensitive. Unfortunately, there are plenty of factors that deteriorate condition of epidermis. To illustrate, the main enemies are the detergents we tend to use for cleaning our houses. For that very reason, it is regarded as important to wear rubber gloves while doing the cleaning up. What is more, hand skin can be also harmed by adverse weather conditions such as frost, cold wind, and extremely low temperatures. Because of such conditions, our hands are exposed to frostbites while the follicles might get seriously damaged. As a consequence, we feel pain, itching and tingling as our skin turns into being reddened. In extreme cases even blisters may appear on this very delicate skin of our hands. And all of the discomforts might be avoided just by applying a hand cream every time before leaving home or doing cleaning up.

Nourishing hand cream by Le Petit Marseillais.
This cream is recommended for extremely dry skin. It has light consistency, which is why, the product gets absorbed almost the moment applied. Another positive side of the cream, it does not leave sticky layer on hands. What is more, skin becomes soft and well-moisturized when coated with Le Petit Marseillais product. Protection, nourishment, and care are provided mainly by three key ingredients: Shea butter, argan oil, and sweet almonds.

When it comes to the main substances, the first one – Shea butter – comes from Africa. It is made of Shea tree. It works easing, nourishing, and regenerating. Obviously, Shea nuts are also used for production of Shea milk and Shea oil. The second component of Le Petit Marseillais hand cream are almonds. They have moisturizing and smoothing features. Another advantage, they have sweet and delicate scent. Moreover, almond nuts are the source of almond milk and almond oil. The third crucial ingredient of the hand cream is argan oil. It is made of nuts growing on a tree called Argania spinosa. The oil has nourishing, moisturizing, and protective features. Because of its colour, it is called as ‘liquid gold’.

The last piece of information concerning the hand cream by Le Petit Marseillais, a single tube of the cosmetic contains 75 ml of the product.

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