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Three Steps To Beautiful Suntan – Lancaster Suncare, Tan Maximizer, Sun Beauty, Tan Preparer

Three Steps To Beautiful Suntan - Lancaster Suncare, Tan Maximizer, Sun Beauty, Tan PreparerDo you know how to prepare your skin for sunbathing? Surely, Lancaster cosmetic collection will help you with that. Products of this brand are divided into several groups. The most important ones are Tan Preparer, Sun Beauty and Tan Maximizer. Each of the groups is composed of cosmetics the aim of which is to prepare skin in an appropriate way for working of sun rays. What is more, each group has products of sunburns protection filters and tan preserving features. The other groups are Sun Delicate Skin, Sun Control, Sun Sport, Sun for Kids, Sun Repair, Sole Di Capri, Self Tun Beauty, Bronzing Beauty as well as Infinite Bronze.

First Step: Lancaster Tan Preparer
If you would like to have healthy and nice-looking tan this summer, apply cosmetic from Tan Preparer group. These are only two cosmetics (one for face care and the other for body care with special reference to legs) sold in red packages, which task is to make skin ready for sunbathing. In short, these care products provide natural and even colour of skin as well as are able to moisturise deeper layers of dermis. In order to obtain desired results, it is required to apply the products Tan Preparer from Lancaster regularly. Best to begin application two weeks from scheduled sunbathing. Furthermore, these cosmetics include a special ingredient expediting melanin production, which is a natural pigment responsible for skin colouring. Worth realizing, Tan Preparer cosmetics do not contain any sun protection filters.

Second Step: Lancaster Sun Beauty
Sun Beauty are the products facilitating safe sunbathing. These are able to protect skin from harmful working of sun rays. SPF included into their composition varies from 10 to 50 units. Furthermore, the cosmetics are destined for body, face and hair care. This group is composed out of the following items: Dry Oil Fast Tan Optimizer, Body Lotion – Hydrating After Sun, Velvet Touch Cream, Velvet Milk, Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimizer, Tan Deepener – Tinted, Oil Free Milky Spray, Fresh Gel Cream and many more. Pick the ones that you like and need most.

Third Step: Lancaster Tan Maximizer
Cosmetics from Tan Maximizer group are here to hold on the effects of sunbathing. These provide skin with nice-looking appearance and brown shade up to two weeks since sunbathing. At the same time, these cosmetics are able to ease possible irritations, provide moisturization, softening and tautening. Thanks to special ingredients, Tan Maximizer products improve working of melanocytes produced while being exposed to the sun.

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