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What do eyelashes like? Application of serums as a step towards conscious care

We devote a lot of attention to hair by treating it with dozens of oils and conditioners. We take care of fingernails to prevent them from becoming brittle and weak. Now, it’s time to bring the conscious care to the next level and learn what is needed by our eyelashes. What nourishing substances should be delivered to lashes so as to help them grow long, thick and dark?

Some people say that eyelashes are woman’s weapon. If it wasn’t for them, no makeup would look perfect. Even the most beautiful eyes won’t be as sexy as when we look with them having a thick fan of lashes. It’s rather thought-provoking why we keep neglecting eyelashes in our daily beauty routine by devoting to them not sufficient amount of time. Perhaps we aren’t aware how to take care of eyelashes. Or maybe we don’t know what eyelashes like and what cosmetics to use to condition these little hair surrounding our eyes.

Eyelashes as mini hair

You can’t take care of something if you don’t know it. In this case, a lot might be revealed by stating that eyelash structure and hair structure are alike. Also, the information that these are eyelash bulbs in particular that must be nourished and moisturised since they are the only living part of eyelashes might appear to be fairly useful and practical.

How to take care of eyelashes?

In the view of structure, applying oils to eyelashes isn’t effective. Oils (e.g. popular castor oil) are applied to the shaft of lashes only. Natural oils aren’t able to deliver the looked-for outcomes because they neither reach lash bulbs nor are easy to put on. A way better solution is offered by eyelash serums which work similarly to scalp conditioners – promote growth, reinforce and prevent excessive loss. The success lies in them being able to reach eyelash bulbs. The best eyelash serums feature a thin brush that facilitates gliding the applicator along eyelash root line. Given these points, this type of applicator guarantees convenience of use and, additionally, it helps save the product that is delivered to lash follicles only.

What do eyelashes like?

It’s worth realizing that not every eyelash serum that goes with a brush is equally effective. We can choose between hundreds of products that are either more or less effective. The divergence of delivered action comes from the differences of composition. Each eyelash serum is a blend of different ingredients, sometimes used in various proportions. Hence, the question raises: What do eyelashes like and what ingredients to seek for in lash conditioning products? Here are the most popular and the most effective ingredients used in eyelash serums:

  • keratin which is a reinforcing amino acid,
  • eyebright extract delivering soothing action,
  • panthenol that increases flexibility of lashes,
  • allantoin of regenerative features,
  • vitamin E which is also known as Vitamin of Youth.

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