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An exceptional collection by Dior, J’adore

n exceptional collection by Dior, J’adoreDior J’adore is just classic. Probably, it is one of the first such extended sets of the cosmetics ever launched. The collection comprises of fragrance, dry silky body oil, beautifying body milk, beautifying body creme, hair mist, silky soap, and perfumed deodorant. What is so extraordinary about the products?

Let us start from the cosmetics designed for body and hair care. Indeed, Dior producers thought about the complex body care. For that reason, all the products from J’adore collection have a lot of properties. The most important ones are moisturization, regeneration, smoothing, and nourishment. The cosmetics gift skin with softness, freshness, and a nice scent. Hair in turn becomes full of shine and pleasant aroma. What is more, Dior J’adore products contain, among others, Ylang Ylang oil, jasmine extract, cotton nectar, and obviously fragrances. They are not recommended for people having super sensitive skin or for allergic sufferers.

Dior J’adore collection contains also fragrances. These differ in terms of size, appearance, and intensity of the scent. In fact, the manner of application does also differ. In general, there are to manners of putting on the products. Some items go with atomizer. Obviously, in this case, it is enough just to spray the body with the cosmetics. When it comes to the second manner of application, the producer designed a kind of a pipette that distributes drops of the fragrances. This collection includes also mini versions of the cosmetics that can be used, for example, while travelling. Basically, J’adore collection is composed out of the following notes: Mandarin Orange, Magnolia, Orchid, Rose, Violet, Plum, and Tuberose.

The most extraordinary thing that makes the collection stand out from the other similar products are the bottles and manner of their production. For some people, they can resemble ancient amphoras. Actually, others can associate the shape of the bottles with woman’s body – which in fact is fairy typical for Christian Dior. All the bottles and decorations are handmade. The necks of the bottles are embellished with golden chains. The charm of the fragrances is complemented with details in a form of jewelry that carry the designer’s name on them.

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