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Boost of energy from Clarins – Daily Energizer Cream

Clarins - Daily Energizer CreamWhat do you see in the mirror’s reflection, just after getting out of bed? Crumpled face, puffy eyes and tousled hair. What do you need then? A decent portion of energy! Daily Energizer Cream from Clarins provides you with it.

Daily Energizer Cream from Clarins includes C vitamin and ginkgo biloba, also know as maidenhair tree. The very first component provides freshness, brightness and immunity boost. The second ingredient, ginkgo biloba, enhances blood circulation, strengthens skin cells, removes dark circles under the eyes, smoothens small wrinkles and regenerates face skin. Is this a coincidence that those two ingredients come together in one cream? Definitely, the answer is negative since it was the deliberate action of produces to include C vitamin and ginkgo biloba into Daily Energizer Cream from Clarins. For example, ginkgo biloba is know of its bioflavonoids components. In other words, these are antioxidants protecting human organism from various contaminants. One of the bioflavonoids’ aims is to prevent ascorbic acid, also know as C vitamin, from oxygenation. In this way, the production of collagen get higher and, as a consequence, the skin condition is improved.

Despite C vitamin and ginkgo biloba, Daily Energizer Cream is also provided with the following ingredients: lanolin of moisturizing features, extract from turmeric (it has got not only warm-up properties but also it enhances blood circulation), alchemilla extract (of contracting and antibacterial features), as well as, western roseroot extract (stimulant and strengthening properties.) Despite the natural ingredients, Daily Energizer Cream comprises also of elements that can cause irritations to people having sensitive skin. These elements are, for instance, PEG, SLS, alcohol derivatives and fragrances.

Daily Energizer Cream from Clarins can be applied as a make-up base or as a separate cosmetic, as well. Before each and every application it is compulsory to cleanse skin using, for example, tonic or cleansing foam. The cream has got smooth consistency reminding gel-cream, which enables easy application and prompt absorption. The cream gives the skin a slightly matt impression. Clarins’ product is closed into little jar of 30 ml capacity.

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