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Color Clone foundation by Helena Rubinstein

Color Clone foundation by Helena RubinsteinIt has been long known that wearing a high-quality foundation might feel so good and comfortable as if we did not put anything on our skin at all. Does Helena Rubinstein’s Color Clone work this way? According to the producer, the foundation is so sheer that it is almost impossible to sense the cosmetics on a face. Simply, it feels like a second skin since the product is able to adapt to the skin tone and becomes almost invisible. Therefore, the final effect looks very natural, skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Color Clone works that way, due to pigments which are able to reflect light and easily adjust to skin tone. Obviously, the result depends on both the thickness of the layer of the foundation applied and the quality of a base and make-up finishing products used.

Color Clone foundation by Helena Rubinstein provides excellent camouflage, especially when combined with a concealer. Thanks to skillful blending of those products, all skin imperfections like acne, discolourations, and dark circles under eyes become simply invisible. Furthermore, the cosmetic is good at evening skin tone, gifting complexion with fresh and healthy look. Another advantage of the cosmetic, it has caring properties as well. After more or less a month or regular application, face skin becomes silky to the touch as its tone turns into being more even. Additionally, the product moisturizes skin, protecting it at the same time against solar radiation or low temperatures. Color Clone foundation by Helena Rubinstein has sheer consistency, which is why, it is easy to apply and provides immediate colour-correction of a complexion.

In order to obtain appropriate camouflage and natural effect, Color Clone by Helena Rubinstein has to be applied in an appropriate manner. At the beginning, the cosmetic has to be applied on forehead and cheeks. Smaller quantity of the product has to be put on a nose and a chin. After that, with the use of either a brush or clean fingertips the foundation has to be distributed all over the face, beginning with its upper and middle parts. The last step is to give the skin gentle massage in order to make the foundation get absorbed better and accelerate the process of adjusting to a particular skin tone.

Helena Rubinstein’s Color Clone foundation is closed in a glass bottle of 30 ml capacity. The package goes with a pump dispenser that facilitates distribution of the product. Last but not least, there are six shades available Beige Natural, Beige Biscuit, Gold Caramel, Rose Nude, Rose Sensual, Gold Cognac.

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