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Dior Hydra Life collection – fluid, BB cream, under eye cream, and face mist

Dior Hydra Life collectionPro-Youth Protective Fluid by Dior from Hydra Life collection is recommended for normal and combination skin type. The cosmetic protects delicate face skin from destructive working of aggressions that come from the external environment, including UVA and UVB radiation. During Dior Hydra Life fluid treatment, skin becomes gradually smoother, more hydrated and nourished. Additionally, fine lines disappear while discolourations are highlighted. The fluid has to be applied morning and/or evening on face and neck skin. Thanks to cream-like consistency, the product is absorbed quickly, neither leaves smudges nor clogs skin pores.

Dior Hydra Life under eye cream is recommended for people who have normal and dry skin. Due to sun protection filters included into the composition, the cosmetic counteracts development of of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. What is more, the product fights against dark circles under eyes and swellings. During the treatment, skin becomes moisturized, regenerated and freshened up. What is the best way for applying Dior Hydra Life under eye cream? The cosmetic might be put on morning and/or evening on cleansed skin face (and even neck skin), including eye skin area. Basically, the product has to be massaged into the around skin area and above crease area.

BB Cream Enhancing Moisturizer for Immediate Beauty is yet another cosmetic from Dior Hydra Life collection. This product fulfills two tasks at the same time. Firstly, it takes care of skin and secondly, the product makes skin ready for the upcoming make-up. What is more, the cosmetic is able to smooth and moisturize complexion, as well as even skin tone and camouflage its imperfections. Another positive aspect of Dior Hydra Life BB Cream, it protests skin from solar radiation working since the cosmetics contains sun protection filter – SPF 30. In general, the product is available in three shades: Luminous Beige, Golden Peach, and Sunny Amber. When it comes to the application, it can be put on using a flat make-up brush, a sponge, or simply fingertips. All you have to remember, is to distribute the cosmetic on face in such a way to prevent it from leaving any stains or create the mask-like effect.

Moist & Fix Moisturizing Mist is the last component of Hydra Life collection by Dior. Its mission is to freshen up face skin and fix applied make-up. What is interesting, the product can be used also before putting on make-up. In short, face, neck, and cleavage skin have to be sprayed with Moist & Fix Moisturizing Mist from Hydra Life collection – it is crucial to keep the eyes closed while distributing the product. The last piece of information, the cosmetic can be used as often as a person needs to.

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