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Extremely natural make up foundation from IsaDora, Nude Sensation

Extremely natural make up foundation from IsaDora, Nude SensationIsaDora brand presents to us its new make up foundation of nude colour. This cosmetic is named Nude Sensation and thanks to it, we are able to perform natural make up which is always on top, especially in the spring/summer 2015 season.

Nevertheless, first things first. Let us talk about the techniques of make up foundation selection and application. The fact is that, a lot of women do not know, how to do it properly, indeed. Neither do they pick a cosmetic of matching shade nor the one that corresponds with their skin needs. What is more, usually they don not know that the thicker layer of a foundation they apply on the face, the worse effect they gain. The truth is, picking the ideal make up foundation is quite difficult. However, suffice to devote some time on learning several tricks.

Firstly, the perfect make up foundation should be of a tone or two brighter than our complexion. Only this kind of shade is going to cover our skin properly, in other words, simply it becomes invisible. Moreover, it is advisable to try the shade of the make up foundation out in a daylight, applying it on a chin. Do not try the shade out on your wrist! Secondly, the properties of the perfect make up foundation. Pick the one, which is in tune with your skin needs. Thirdly, the application. The make up foundation should be applied on the palm of a hand to enable it to get warm a little bit. Then, we can dip a flat or wide make up brush. Finally, your face should be stamped since this kind of cosmetic cannot be pat into like a cream, for example.

How does Nude Sensation make up foundation from IsaDora work?

Thanks to this make up foundation we can perform a natural looking make up (also known as make up no-make up.) Moreover, the cosmetic matches skin, smooths complexion and provides the natural effect. Furthermore, it is of light and liquid consistency. The issue worth mentioning, Nude Sensation does not give 100% imperfections coverage since it equals with a mask-like effect which we want to avoid so badly. As a consequence, this cosmetic provides medium level of coverage. What is more, IsaDora foundation is of moisturizing properties and is destined for every skin type.

Fairly innovative solution in Nude Sensation is its applicator in a form of a pipette. Suffice to distribute three drops of the IsaDora product to make the face skin evenly covered with this foundation. Obviously, this kind of applicator greatly influences the effectiveness of the product.

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