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Eye shadows from Guerlain, Ecrin 1 Couleur

Guerlain, Ecrin 1 CouleurSingle eye shadows from Guerlain, Ecrin 1 Couleur, are closed in a gold, longitudinal package. Inside, one can find a two-sponge applicator. The first sponge is pointy-ended and enables eyelines painting or applying the product on the inner corners of the eyes. The second sponge is ideal for eyelids coverage. What is more, this make-up sponge can also be used in order to blend shades. Furthermore, the package is equipped with a mirror. This is a quite favourable feature when one would like to touch up make-up at any place. Naturally, we have to remember to take the eye shadows with us first.

Ecrin 1 Couleur eye shadows from Guerlain have either matte or metallic finishing. What is more, these provide the effect of subtle eyelid painting and, at the same time, produce natural look. The cosmetic is available in several colour schemes mainly in bronze, blue, grey, pink and gold shades: Taupe Secret, Brownie & Clyde, Blue’s Brothers, Hey Nude, Copperfield, Gold’N’Eyes, Khaki Mono, Grey Charles, Flash Black, White Ever, Deep Purple, Pink Pong. With each and every one of the eye shadows, one can create a delicate eye make-up. It is also possible to grade a particular colour to reach ombre effect or single-coloured smoky eyes.

How to apply Ecrin 1 Couleur eye shadows from Guerlain? With the bigger make-up sponge of the applicator, paint the whole eyelid. If you want to achieve deeper effect, take the second applicator and mark the crease of your eye along with the outer corner of it. Moreover, draw a line right at the eyelash line of the upper eyelid. Blend the shadows. Pick the lighter shadows to make the eyes look optically bigger and wide-open. In that case, the bright shadow should be applied on the inner corner of the eye and the darker on on the opposite side of the eyelid.

Eye shadows from Guerlain, Ecrin 1 Couleur have light consistency. Thanks to special pigments covered with gel, eye make-up holds long, eyeshadows do not run and the colour does not fade. The surface of the eyeshadows is decorated with the characteristic motive of Guerlain brand.

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