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Floral, homemade and nourishing face-and-body treatments

Rose, hollyhock, orchid and even common chamomile are natural do-it-all beauty products being able to strengthen and improve skin’s resilience. Are you curious what effects you can achieve with them? Or perhaps you are eager to create your own floral beauty product? Let us give you a couple of tips then! Treat this article as a source of inspiration that you’re probably looking for.

Do you like the scent that flowers give off? It appears that the aroma isn’t the only thing that cosmetologists found interesting about flowers. The extracts, oils and their effects on the skin is what makes flowers fascinating raw materials used for manufacturing beauty products. This – only seemingly – ethereal power of flowers soothes the senses, boosts mood and is proven to improve skin appearance naturally. Check out how to make use of the wide range of flowers!

The aroma that stimulate senses

Did you know that while you’re smelling flowers, your body releases more endorphins? These are the happy hormones that improve mood and strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms. Moreover, they decrease levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, whose huge concentrations have a negative impact on both the mood as well as skin, nails and hair.

Floral bath for body and senses

It’s a widely-known fact that Cleopatra took milk baths, but milk wasn’t the only constituent. She didn’t refrain from enriching her baths with petals, which proves that she was well-aware of the benefits that flowers have on skin.

Taking a bath that releases the aroma of roses, orchids or magnolia flowers will stimulate your senses and put you in a good mood. What would you say for pouring floral bath salt the next time you want to get some time to unwind? Surely, these simple tricks will lift your spirits.

If you have time, you can combine essential oils with bath salt on your own. Make sure that you use the right proportions because the huge majority of essential oils are highly concentrated, and therefore they may cause some skin irritations if used in excess amounts. What are the right proportions? 10 drops of a chosen essential oil added to a bath filled with water will do. And the best bit is that the aroma of flowers linger in the bathroom long after you finish the treatment.

Homemade floral and nourishing treatments for face and body

A floral body mask slims the body down better than some professional skin treatments offered in many SPAs. The beauty product that has an aroma of exotic flowers such as moni is often combined with a vegetable oil such coconut oil. Such body mask isn’t only gentle on skin but also it deals with saggy skin. If you feel like preparing such beauty product at home, try combining your favorite vegetable oil with cosmetic clay and a floral essential oil. If you want to make the homemade body mask richer, add some vitamins in drops (available in a pharmacy) and liquid collagen.

Now, once you made your customized body mask, apply it to the skin and let it sit for 30 minutes. When it dries out, take a damp sponge and start removing the “crust” from your skin – use running water to rinse the body mask fully. You can expect the effects to appear if you keep using the body mask once a week.

One last piece of information concerning homemade body masks – if you choose the essential oils correctly, they can help you reduce fat tissue. For best effects, use your floral body mask at bedtime. Combine it with a firming body-care product of your choice.

Floral body scrub

A flower-smelling body scrub is one of the best ways to deal with flabby and saggy skin. Such products do more than just leave the skin more supple – they also make the skin smell nice and replenish it with nutrients (owed to plant sterols). Choose a fine body scrub that has creamy texture and smells the way you like it most. In this way you won’t only get rid of dead skin cells but also expose yourself to a deeply nourishing skin treatment.

Floral skin toner

A skin toner containing flower extracts is a classic. A water-based skin toner which is obtained due to steaming is called floral water or floral distillate. One of the best of their kind is rose water and neroli water. You can buy such skincare products in a store offering organic and natural beauty products. Reportedly, there are more consumers who value these skin toners more than regular ones.

Coming back to the rose water, it’s able to rejuvenate skin, improve skin’s texture and delay ageing. Orange blossom Neroli water is perfect for oily and combination skin that is prone to imperfections. It balances skin’s pH and protects skin from damage. There is yet another skin toner – lavender – that is worth mentioning. Lavender water soothes all possible skin irritations, prevents wrinkles and delays skin ageing. When used regularly, it makes skin stronger and resistant to external aggressors such as the sunlight and free radicals.

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