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Flowerbomb cosmetic series from Viktor&Rolf – Body Powder, Body Lotion, Body Cream and Fragrance

Flowerbomb cosmetic series from Viktor&RolfSurely, many of you will be pleased with the news that a new set of flower flavoured body care cosmetics have become available in drugstores quite recently. What is more, some of you will be also content, if notice that the above-mentioned set is accompanied with fragrances smelling exactly alike. Such a great surprise has been prepared by Viktor&Rolf fashion house. They named the collection Flowebomb and composed it from the following items a Bomblicious Satin Body Powder, Body Lotion, Body Cream, and a Fagrance.

One of the components of Flowerbomb set by Viktor&Rolf is a scented Body Lotion Bomblicious. The product is sold in a bright pink bottle closed with a silver cap, and is available in two capacities versions: 100 ml and 200 ml. Due to delicate consistency,  Flowerbomb Bomblicious Body Lotion is easy to distribute all over a body and when applied, it gets into skin fairly fast. What is more, skin becomes smooth, smells good and is soft to the touch right after the application of the product. Obviously, epidermis gets moisturized as well. When it comes to application, Viktor&Rolf body lotion should be applied after each shower or bath in order to rebuild dehydrated epidermis and prevent either abrasion or feeling of contracted skin. Last but not least, jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose can be easily scented in the product.

The second product from Flowerbomb set by Viktor&Rolf is Bomblicious Satin Body Powder. Cosmetic of this kind has become fairly popular recently, although, some people might find it redundant. In brief, a body powder is applied in order to contour particular body parts as well as for making skin more beautified and highlighted. Furthermore, this Viktor&Rolf cosmetic is closed in an elegant and pink box. Inside the box, there is a powder puff provided, which is obviously designed for applying the product. The Satin Body Powder has to be put on these body parts, which are not covered with clothes. So, these can be, for example, shoulders, neck, or cleavage. The weight of the cosmetic equals 100 grams.

Viktor&Rolf brand recommends also their Bomblicious Body Cream. It is available in two versions of 200-milliliter and 100-milliliter jars. The cosmetic moisturizes, smooths, and protects skin from dehydration. Additionally, it gifts skin with pleasant scent. The top notes belong to tea and bergamot. Middle notes carry the scent of jasmine, African orange flower, orchid, freesia and rose. The base note belongs to patchouli. The body cream should be applied after bath and when the body skin is considerably dehydrated.

Flowerbomb series goes with Viktor&Rolf’s perfumes. This product is available in three different phials that contain 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml of the fragrance. In short, the scent can be summarized up to the following notes: jasmine, rose, freesia, orchid, patchouli and osmanthus. Certainly, Flowerbomb perfumes are the perfect complement to the entire Viktor&Rolf’s series.

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