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Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown

Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown is closed in a dark blue box. On the inner side of the lid, we can find a big mirror. Unfortunately, the producer does not attach any applicator that could facilitate putting on eye make-up. As a consequence, we have to purchase make-up brushes unless we have already got ones. What is more, suffice to shut the lid of the palette in order to make all the eye shadows protected from any damages. In fact, the box is not closed like many other similar colour cosmetics do, with a clip-on lid.

Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi BrownInside Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown, there are eight eye shadows provided. Some of these have got delicate, sheer texture, other stand out because of their matte surface whereas the rest shimmer with the sparkling particles. All the shades are of brown-and-grey colour scheme. Thanks to such a composition, you will be able to perform eye make-up suitable for all possible occasions (starting from daily make-up and ending on party make-up). Obviously, Greige Eye Palette facilitates obtaining classic smoky eye effect. Worth mentioning, the eye shadows by Bobbi Brown are easy to apply, blend flawlessly and stay true long after applied. However, those who have got so-called deep set eyes, can notice the eye shadows gathering on the crease of the eyes after several hours of wearing.

Inside Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown, we can find the following eye shadows: Ivory Eye (creamy, light shade), Brown Haze Shimmer Wash (the shade used as a middle one while performing smoky eyes), Twinkle Sparkle (probably the most beautiful shade of the palette, with sparkling particles), Slate (almost black shade), Greystone (a combination of brown and grey), Earth Metal Sparkle (again, sparkling shade, also interesting like Twinkle Sparkle), Greige (grey shade with bronze savour) and Fog (dark grey shade).

How to use Greige Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown? At the beginning, apply Ivory shade on upper eyelids and on the above crease area as well. In such a way, you will create a kind of base for the upcoming shades. After that, put on one of the middle shades. Start with applying matte shade in the inner corners of the eyes, then, apply a shimmering shade and finish the eye make-up with putting on one of the darkest shades. Now, apply the darkest shadow (Fog) along upper and lower eyelash line and in the outer corners of the eyes. Blend the eye shadows. If you want to, you can also add a little bit of a black eyeliner to define the look even more. Obviously, do not forget to coat your eyelashes with a mascara. And your smoky eye make-up is ready!

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