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How to get 28 eye shadows out of 14? Double Exposure palette by Smashbox

Double Exposure palette by SmashboxProbably it is the first time when Smashbox brand has surprised all make-up freaks to such an extend. Why? Not only because it has created an outstanding eye shadows palette, but mainly cause the brand has added several gifts to its newest product. A little bird told that even Santa Claus was surprised with this news.

Let us start with the Double Exposure palette by Smashbox. The box is equipped with a big mirror that facilitates doing eye make-up while being away from home. Inside the palette, the producer placed 14 eye shadows. These are of brown, violet, as well as nude, back and grey colour schemes. Furthermore, the eye shadows contain so many pigments that these will look simply gorgeous when applied on eyelids. Moreover, all the eye shadows hold all day long and neither clump nor flecks. But, this is not the outstanding thing concerning Double Exposure palette that we were talking about. Smashbox cosmetic brand has created a product that when combined with water makes the eye shadows look even more extraordinary than when applied dry. In other words, we can conjure up another version of the basic shadow, and obtain, for example, more intensive, better pigmented, metallic or shimmering version of the mother colour. In such a way, 14-shaded palette supply us with 28 eye shadows!

O.K., but what about the mentioned gifts that are attached to Double Exposure palette by Smashbox? In fact, there are three of these presents. The first one is the brush that facilitates application of the colour cosmetic regardless the technique (wet or dry). The applicator is placed in a special compartment located below the eye shadows. What is more, the brush is double-ended, one side is designed with having application and blending of shadows in mind, whereas, the second tip is adjusted for drawing eye lines on eyelids, along eyelash base of course. The second gift is a kind of manual that prompts us, for example, how to match the right eye shadow with shape of the eye. The last present is Full Exposure Mascara – this mascara helps with finishing each eye make-up style.

The final piece of information that has to be mentioned. Eye shadows from Smashbox palette Double Exposure can be considered as mineral cosmetic. The palette comprises of, among others, mica, talcum, zinc, silica and several other minerals. Having this in mind, the eye shadows by Smashbox are safe even for people who have got sensitive eyes and skin area around.

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