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Moisturizing foundation Ultra Hydrating by Sampar

Moisturizing foundation Ultra Hydrating by SamparSampar foundation Ultra Hydrating is recommended for mature skin, on which first wrinkles and fine lines are becoming more and more visible. Basically, the product works in two ways. On one hand, it has the power to moisturize face skin deeply, and on the other hand, it camouflages skin imperfections that take a form of wrinkles, dark circles around eyes and discolourations. Would anybody ask for more?

This moisturizing foundation Ultra Hydrating by Sampar is closed in a pink package of 50 ml capacity. The cosmetic has to be applied on a palm first, thanks to a small pump hidden in the upper part of the package. Then, by using fingertips, a sponge or a brush, the foundation has to be put on the face, starting at the middle part of it and moving towards the outer face parts. Remember to cover also jowl-bone, neck and skin behind ears area. Certainly, in a case, you forget about applying the product on the above-mentioned spots, you will achieve mask-like effect and unaesthetic smudges.

How does Ultra Hydrating work? Sheer consistency eases the application significantly and lack of parabens in composition means, that the product is suitable for people having sensitive skin type or the one prone to irritations. What is more, the product is easy to apply, providing at the same time natural effect, smoother skin and fresh look. Additionally, Ultra Hydrating by Sampar evens skin tone and camouflages both small skin imperfections and wrinkles. Again, due to special ingredients, the cosmetic moisturizes and as a consequence counteracts formation of another fine lines. Surely, thanks to restoring the optimal hydration level, and keeping it in the deeper skin layers, skin becomes more tautened and the level of collagen increases. As a result, skin turns into being smoother, younger and the resilience is highly improved.

The truth is, you can find several fairly important and crucial ingredients in Ultra Hydrating from Sampar that are responsible for not only maintaining skin in perfect condition but also restoring radiant look. The substances are: moisturizing lupine, hyaluronic acid that provides right skin firmness and durability of collagen fibers as well as special complex that shields skin against free-radicals and contaminants originated from external environment. Last but not least, the substances included into the cosmetic are able to stimulate and boost skin cell renewal processes.

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