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Nanoil hair oil – what is the secret?

Nanoil for low, medium and high porosity hair

It is not a secret that high, low and medium porosity hair requires totally different type of care. In order to provide it with proper treatment, you must reach for Nanoil. You are about to discover the secret of Nanoil’s success. If you are curious how this amazing cosmetic works, it is time for you to set off on a journey that all hair maniacs have been through. See for yourself the stunning effects of a product that will take care of all hair types. 

Nanoil for low, medium and high porosity hair

Shiny, soft and smooth, or dull, dry and damaged? Perhaps healthy on top of the head, and damaged at the ends? This is probably the easiest way to describe low porosity, high porosity and medium porosity hair. If you would like to take care of your hair, then Nanoil is perfectly suited to this role. Just make sure to match proper version of the product to your particular porosity.


Low porosity hair has beautiful appearance, but is problematic when it comes to washing and styling. The top of your head gets oily very quickly, strands are thin and lack volume. It is very easy to weigh such hair down, even during daily regular care. Nanoil for low porosity hair contains nine natural oils and many other valuable components. All those substances are responsible for the care of both external and internal hair structures. The cosmetics also improved the condition of both strands and scalp. The product includes the following components:

•  oils: cedar (prevents hair loss), coconut (smooths the hair structure), argan (protects against heat), castor (stimulates hair growth), maracuja (provides antioxidant properties), babassu (facilitates styling and combing), monoi (protects against harmful external factors);
•  moisturising butters: shea and cupuaçu;
•  other ingredients: kerastim and baicapil (prevent hair loss; boosts growth), panthenol (nourishes and strengthens hair), UV protection (protects against harmful effects of sun radiation), vitamins A and E (provides antioxidant properties).

Nanoil - How does hair oil for low porosity hair work

How does Nanoil for low porosity hair work?

Nanoil for low porosity hair provides complex care. It has beneficial influence on the appearance as well as the condition of scalp and strands. On one hand, it maintains hair’s health, on the other, prevents damaging. The first effects of Nanoil treatment will be visible after 30 days of regular use:

  Nanoil facilitates styling and tames unruly strands
  Nanoil improves volume
  Nanoil enhances the condition of hair and scalp
  Nanoil protects from chemical and mechanical damages
  Nanoil regulates sebaceous glands


Medium porosity hair is usually greasy at the roots and has dehydrated ends. The strands are dull, lack resilience, tend to split and fall out excessively. During rainy days, and under the influence of humidity, such hair becomes extremely frizzy. Nanoil for medium porosity hair will take care of your scalp in a universal way. Its components will tame unruly strands and prevent further damages. Additionally, they will also take proper care of the scalp by maintaining proper pH. The ingredients include:

•  oils: macadamia (makes hair healthier and more beautiful), argan (protects against water loss), marula (seals hair’s natural protective barrier), jojoba (inhibits excessive sebum secretion), maracuja (smooths frizzy and static hair) coconut (protects the hair ends against splitting);
•  other ingredients: UV filter (protects hair from becoming dull, dehydrated and prevent the colour from fading), vitamins A and E (prevent premature scalp and hair ageing), kerastim and baicapil (strengthen hair and hair follicles), silk (smooths and polishes hair).

How does Nanoil for medium porosity hair work?

Nanoil for medium porosity hair has many benefits. It nourishes strands, even those closer to the low porosity, as well as those that with build and appearance resemble high porosity. The results you see after a month of treatment with Nanoil:

  it moisturises hair and provides resilience
  nurtures scalp and strands from roots to tips
  provides shine, enhances colour and softens hair
•  regenerates hair follicles and reinvigorate the entire length of hair
  facilitates styling and tames unruly strands
•  ensures proper hair condition


High porosity hair is very tired, dry and lustreless. It can be harmed by high temperature, frequent colour-treating and inappropriate combing. Tips are splitting, wisps are fragile and weak. Nanoil for high porosity hair is a combination of six vegetable oils and substances that support their action. These components work on both the outside and the internal structure of hair. They nourish scalp, making the entire hair look beautiful and healthy. In Nanoil, there are:

•  oils: almond oil (sealing lipid-water layer), argan oil (regenerates and smooths hair), evening primrose oil (has positive effect on the condition of the scalp), avocado oil (moisturises and provides brilliance), maracuja oil (provides antioxidant properties), cottonseed (prevents split ends);
•  other ingredients: panthenol, silk, lanolin and keratin (smooth, regenerate, polish and nourish hair), Kerastim and baicapil (stimulate hair growth; prevent hair loss), UV filter (protects hair  against solar radiation), vitamin E (fights free radicals).

How does Nanoil for high porosity hair work

How does Nanoil for high porosity hair work?

Nanoil for high porosity hair has amazing properties. IN general, it improves the condition of scalp and hair. The product does not only provide nutrients and active substances, but also prevents damage and irritation. Its effects can be observed after just four weeks of use:

  regenerates dried strands and restores split ends
•  strengthens hair follicles, adds volume, improves the appearance of hair
•  nourishes scalp and regenerates the structure of the strands
  adds shine, smooths and makes hair soft to the touch
•  protects against harmful external factors and provides thermal protection
•  supplies many nutrients such as: vitamins, fatty acids and minerals

15 Comments “Nanoil hair oil – what is the secret?”

  1. Carolinee

    My favourite oil:) I found it after a long search for a cosmetic perfectly matched to my hair.

  2. Agness

    that’s the best thing about this oil! you can match it to your hair type

  3. Claudia

    my hair stylist recommended this oil because my hair was in a bad shape. I’ve been oiling my hair for about a month now and I noticed that it look a lot better

  4. Monique J

    I found out about hair oiling and hair porosity only recently ;(

  5. BB

    I am about to finish the firt bottle of the one for low porosity hair and I must say I can truly recommend it. My hair is easier to style, there is no need to wash it every day because it doesn’t get oily so quickly. A great oil with a pleasant scent.

  6. Ann30

    I heard about the oil for high porosity hair, it’s supposed to be the best one for regenerating extremely damaged hair

  7. anonymous

    It didn’t impress me that much, it’s rather similar to other oils. I had kerastase before and to be honest, I don’t see much of a difference

    • Marth_@

      I had kerastase as well! It was really good but the composition of nanoil seems better

  8. Florence

    Nanoil works really great for me but it’s probably because of the fact that you can choose the right version for your hair

  9. miss_eve

    I was very interested in this oil, I will try it someday. I use almond oil for oiling my high-porosity hair and it works great for it.

    • Katja

      For me, using oil separately doesn’t work as effectively as applying a blend of oils. A sinlge oil is only good the first few times I use it. Before I discovered nanoil, I mixed them myself but ordering various oils was a lot more expensive

  10. Gloria

    I got mine as a present, I wouldn’t buy it myself due to the high price, but it’s really great. My hair looks and feels much better

  11. Lizzy_D

    Where can I buy it ???

    • Kathrina

      I got mine straight from the nanoil website and it turns out cheaper to order more than one with a friend for example

  12. Margo1234

    I have never applied any oil to my hair but I think I’ll finally give it a try. I’ve heard so much about hair oiling <3


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