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Smart make-up with Guerlain eye shadow palettes

Smart make-up with Guerlain eye shadow palettesHow to perform elegant and stylish eye make-up? Generally, it seems to be fairly easy task to accomplish, nevertheless, women who would like to show off with their long-lasting and appealing make-up, can use Ecrin 4 Couleurs eye shadows from Guerlain.

Eye shadows from Guerlain are closed in a little, golden, metal box. Inside the box, you can find a mirror and one applicator ended on both sides with make-up sponges. Obviously, it is a fairly practical solution since we can take the eye shadows with us, anywhere we go. In other words, no matter if we go for a trip or to the work due to the compact size of Guerlain product we are able to touch up our make-up any time we like. If needed, you can always take the golden eye make-up kit out of your purse or a make-up bag.

Ecrin 4 Couleurs comprises of four pressed eye shadows. Generally speaking, Guerlain took care of the wide colour scheme since we have the opportunity to choose between almost twenty different eye shadow palettes. Certainly, these are composed in such a way to enable the users to perform both classic and smoky eye make-up. Among the above-mentioned eye shadow sets, Guerlain provides: Les Violets (purple shadows), Les Blues (shadows of bright colours and one dark blue), Les Verts (shades of brown and green), Les Bois dr Rose (brown and pink shades), Les Gris (grey and blue shadows), Les Fumes (brown and grey shadows), Les Cuirs (shadows of beige and brown), Les Perles (two grey shades and one bright pink and white), Les Noirs (grey shades, one pink shadows and a black shadow), Les Roses (purple and pink shadows), Les Aqua (grey and blue shadows), Les Fauyes (dark red shadows), Les Sables (shades of brown and pink), Les Acires (greys), Les Violines (dark shades of purple and pink), Les Nuees (a pink, a grey and two blue shadows.) Generally speaking, Palettes Les Precieux i Coup de Foudre are the combination of four, seemingly contrasting colours. Last six sets of the eye shadows are decorated with the Guerlian’s pattern and logo. Another thing worth mentioning, Guerlian provided both matte and iridescent shadows in its palettes.

Furthermore, the eye shadows from Guerlian have intensive colour and are easy to apply both wet and dry. What can be also admitted, the product holds long on eyelids, neither run nor cumulate in crease of the eye. How to perform eye make-up with Guerlain cosmetic? Firstly, apply the brightest shadow on the upper eyelid, transition area as well as on the inner corner of the eye. The second in the terms of insensitivity eye shadow put on the fireside of the eyelid. Now, reach for the darker shade and apply it next to the brightest one. In the outer corner of the eye, apply the darkest eye shadow provided in a particular palette. You can use it as an eye-liner as well.

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