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Special care from Biotherm – Skin Vivo Uniformity Cream

Skin Vivo Uniformity CreamIn Skin Vivo collection from Biotherm we can find several cosmetics destined for medical skin care. These are the following products: an anti-wrinkle serum, a cream for normal and complexion skin, a cream for dry skin, an under eye gel and an anti-wrinkle night cream. The series of cosmetics can be easily recognized by their silver, white and black luxurious packages. How do particular Skin Vivo cosmetic from Biotherm work?

The first one, Anti-aging serum, that defies the signs of skin aging, includes pure thermal plankton and salicylic acid, to enumerate just a few components. However, these particular ingredients provide smoothness and moisturization, exfoliate dead skin cells and purifies skin pores. What is more, complexion becomes visibly tautened, more radiant and look as if it was much younger. The serum is to be applied on face every morning or/and evening, avoiding delicate eye skin area.

The second component of Skin Vivo collection is Anti-aging care – Normal and combination skin cream. It’s general aim is to reduce the first signs of skin aging. Another features of the product include helping with preserving the appropriately high level of skin moisturization and enhancing skin rebuilding processes. Obviously, the cream has to be applied on face skin excluding eye skin area. When it comes to the composition, Anti-aging care cream comprises of thermal plankton and peptides.

Moisturization of face skin provides the third product, Anti-aging care – Dry skin. Additionally, this Skin Vivo cosmetic is able to create protecting lipid barrier around complexion, defy scaling of skin and eliminate dry epidermis parts. What is more, the composition and application is alike to the other cosmetics from Skin Vivo collection.

Anti-aging eye gel – smoothing from Biotherm rubs down wrinkles, eliminates swellings and dark circles. The Skin Vivo cosmetic combats the visible signs of skin tiredness. Due to the pearls included in the composition, the gel evens skin tone, quickens dead cell exfoliation and provides face skin with softness and smoothness.

The last cosmetic to be mentioned from Skin Vivo collection is Overnight anti-wrinkle care cream. As one can guess, this product takes care of complexion during night, making it regenerated and relaxed as the day begins. Furthermore, the cream reduces pigmentation marks, evens wrinkles and equalizes skin tone. In the composition of Overnight anti-wrinkle care cream one can find thermal plankton which is the main ingredient of the most Biotherm cosmetics.

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